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Waterproof Car Cover Range


 Premium Waterproof Car Covers

The cover clings to the contours of the car

Add manufacturers logo for £35

Colour: Dark Grey

Prices: £175-£290

classic additions 6jpg

Premium TR cover


classic additions 7jpg

Premium E Type cover

plymouth bel

Premium cover on 1966 Plymouth Belvedere Station Wagon

Haytor two

hay lr def

Premium Land Rover Defender 90




Premium BMW Cover


haytor vw transporter

Premium VW Transporter


Haytor nano 1

 Rain water beads off the Premium nanotechnology waterproof fabric


 Logos of all car makes are available and we can even add words if you require

choice of font and letter size available..we customise to your requirements



Logo ford-shelby gt500



Logos (480mm..max width) are available for

Premium, Shaldon & Rivera covers only

These are special orders and cannot be exchanged once order is placed

Cost is £35 and the logos are heat transfer vinyl printing

Please allow approx 7 working days for adding logos to your car cover

Standard Logos in White, Black, Silver

To view our Car Cover Logo page: Click here



Logo Lotus Evora




Premium Premium Bespoke Car Cover

We can make you a hand made car cover (In UK)  in the Dartmoor Premium fabric in about 4 weeks

Prices start at £419 to £669

If we do not have a pattern we can come to you (UK Mainland) to measure your car (Measuring fee applies)

We have made Premium bespoke car covers for:

Fafnir racing car, Stanley steam car, Ford Model T Van, Land Rover Series 1 Pickup

Enquires or for a quote : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Make & Model

Year of vehicle

Photograph of vehicle

Postcode of vehicle location (or town if preferred)


haytor bespoke 3

 Premium Bespoke Car Cover


Stormforce Waterproof Car Covers

Colour: Grey

Prices: £119-£175


CZ Rolls Storm

Stormforce Rolls Royce Cover

Storm MG

Stormforce MGB Cover

storm porsche

Stormforce Porsche Cover


Storm LR

Stormforce Land Rover Cover


storm estate


Apollo Bespoke Outdoor Car Covers

All weather covers suitable for harsh conditions

Hand made in UK

Prices: £505-£565

Colour: Red, Grey, Black, Blue

Apollo Car Cover 600dpi



Monsoon Waterproof Outdoor Car Covers

Winter Only Waterproof Car Covers

Prices: £105-£139



monsoon car cover


Monsoon Aston Martin DB9 cover


monsoon mini


Monsoon Classic Mini


monsoon bmw z4


Monsoon BMW Z4 cover


monsoon Morris


Monsoon Morris Minor Cover


 Monsoon Porshe


Monsoon Porsche Cover


monsoon fiat


Monsoon Fiat 500 Cover



Eclipse Waterproof Car Covers

Colour: Grey

Prices: £139-£189

Eclipse gt86




Galactic Heavy Duty Waterproof Car Covers

Colour: Coral Grey

Prices £169-£259

Porsche 911 - 997 Galactic Full Car Cover


Indoor Car Cover Range


Riveria Super Soft Stretch Indoor Car Covers

Available in Red, Green, Navy blue & Black

The cover clings to the car to show its profile

Add manufacturers logo for £35

Prices: £139-£193


super-soft-stretch-indoor-car-cover 10072 pic6 size3


Riveria Mercedes cover

riveria 1

Riveria Mercedes cover

classic additions

Riveria Porsche 997 cover

riv 5

Riveria Mercedes Cover with added Logo

Click here for logo information


riveria interceptor 2

Riveria Jensen Interceptor cover

riveria interceptor 1

 Riveria Jensen Interceptor cover

riveria range rover

 Riveria Range Rover cover

 riveria sl 600

 Riveria Mercedes cover



Riveria BMW E93 cover


Sahara Indoor Dust Covers

Colour: Black

Prices: £51-£78




sahara black side 2

Sahara Cover

sahara black 4



Shaldon Soft Indoor Covers

With door zips

Colour: Blue

Add manufacturers logo for £35

Click here for logo information

Prices: £91-£138



classic additions 13jpg

safeguard 1

Shaldon cover on Triumph TR5


Shaldon cover on  E Type Jaguar

safeguard merc


Shaldon Mercedes cover

classic add 29


Shaldon BMW cover


Holcombe Bespoke Fleece Indoor Covers

Made to order in UK in 3/4 working weeks

Add Manufacturers logo for extra £35

Choice of colours

Prices: £289-£375

Enquire for price: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


holcombe Aston cover




holcombe indoor covers

holcombe bentley gt

Bentley Holcombe cover


holcombe ferrari 458


Holcombe Ferrari Cover


hol 10





hol 14 rs cos


Luxor Luxury Indoor Car Covers

Satin with fleece lining

Colour: Black

Prices: £93-£142

Porsche Cayenne Luxor Full Car Cover

 Luxor Porsche Cayenne Cover


Toyota GT86 Luxor Full Car Cover


Classic Mini Saloon Luxor Full Car Cover

Luxor Classic Mini Cover



Outdoor-Indoor Car Cover Range


Voyager Indoor / Outdoor Car Covers

Water Resistant

Colour: Silver Grey

Prices: £61 - £89

Voyager sprite

 Voyager Sprite Cover

voy e type

Voyager E Type Cover

Voy porsche

 Voyager Porsche Cover

cz 6

 Voyager VW Golf GTi cover

Voyager Land

Voyager Land Rover Cover


Haldon Lightweight Outdoor/Indoor Car Covers

Water Resistant

Prices: £93-£119

Colour: Grey

class add light 2

class add light 4x4



Mystere Lightweight Outdoor/Indoor Car Covers

Water Resistant

Prices: £69 - £99

Colour: Silver Grey

mystere 911


myster cayene


Premium Waterproof Motorcycle Covers

Price £68-£129

Colour: Grey


 haytor mc cover


Riveria Super Soft Stretch Indoor Motorcycle Covers

Price £59-£142

Choice of Colours

riv mc black 2



























































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